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Before working with Jen, I was in a place of uncertainty and paralyzed by self-doubt. I had this inner dialogue - this fear - that I wasn't good enough at what I do to reach success. The decision to work with Jen was the first step that changed all of that. She inspired me. She motivated me, helped me develop action plans for my business, and supported me in breaking bad habits. Most importantly, however, was her ability to decode roadblocks that never even occurred to me that kept me from growing. She taught me how to stay clear and organized and the importance of being intentional with my time and energy. She is so awesome and truly cares about her clients!

Stephanie L. | Photographer | Boston, MA

When I started my business I was working hard and seeing results, but couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. Deep down I was afraid of success, of putting myself out there, and was riddled with self-doubt and procrastination. I didn't know I even needed a coach, but when I met Jen, I felt instantly connected. She heard me. Since I started working with her my business has grown. But, more importantly, Jen has helped me look at every decision, every system, and every step of my business in a strategic way so that it becomes a viable company with integrity, mission and focus. Now, I am confident. I stand up for myself. I have stronger communication skills and and am unafraid to express myself. I am eternally grateful for the presence she has in my life. Whenever I finish up a meeting with Jen, I have a sense of relief. She holds me accountable for what I say and has taught me to be specific about what I want. Jen Ryan has changed my outlook on my business and personal life and I am a different person, a better person, because of her.

Christine N. | Interior Designer | Walpole, MA

Ever since I started working with Jen Ryan and implementing the Gaining Clarity program into my business, I have gained a much clearer picture of my ideal client and have set and reached goals several times over. Her constant support of me continuously executing the systems I have learned here have allowed my business to flourish. This program is truly invaluable!

Sarah M. |Salon & Spa Owner | Manchester, NH



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