Meet Your Coach

Hey there. I'm Jen Ryan, a success coach teaching overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to break bad habits, grow their businesses, and take their lives back.

And it's been a long road getting here. 

I started this lifetime journey by owning my own salon at the age of twenty-three. I was raised the youngest of eight kids and grew up along Vermont's rolling green mountains, and loved the small, sweet life I was able to build there, all on the back of my hard work and ambition. Eventually though, I got the itch for change, and left my small town roots for fast-paced adventure in the corporate world, where I worked as a business strategist for growth and development. I traveled all over the country, met countless amazing people, many of whom were small-time business owners just trying to make a sweet life for themselves, much like I had, and I began to notice something. They were struggling. 

Now, when I say struggling, I don't just mean in the financial sense, although I've met (and helped) many that were. But what I mean is struggling to understand the fundamentals of what they're doing, why they're doing it, and who they're doing it for. There was so much misdirection. So much wrong prioritization. So many missed opportunities. And what's worse, many were living unhappy and unfulfilled lives.

Fast-forward to now.

I'm back to being my own boss, and have collected what seems like infinite lessons and knowledge and have created specific business strategy systems (that work!) over the past three decades that I'm ready to pass down to you.

I know that it's hard. I've been there. The work and toil of an entrepreneur is never done, and it can seem like the all-consuming abyss of responsibility and self-sacrifice will never end. 

But I'm here to tell you it can.

How do I manage the stress? Well - along with using my fool-proof systems for business management - hangin' with my German Shepherd, Lulu, regular yoga practice, and the occasional glass of red wine (or two) certainly help!

So, I invite you take a look around. See what I have to offer. I have a feeling you'll find that I am exactly what you've been looking for.  



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