Stop wasting your time posting on Instagram.

I know that you have been told over and over again, "you must show up constantly on social media to be successful".


Now  I am not going to tell you to stop showing up, however, I am going to ask you to reevaluate your intention. Are you showing up to be seen or are you showing up to serve?


I am assuming to serve. I also am assuming you want to attract your ideal client.


Here is one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs, small business owners, salespeople, and anyone else that using social media to grow the business that isn't working for them.


They are working on their brand awareness before making sure their brand has a solid brand foundation.


If you aren't crystal clear on your brand foundation it will be very hard for you to create a successful funnel.


A funnel is a process that your customer goes through. Think of it like a blind date to marriage.


First, they realize that you exist, then you go on a first date, have a courtship and then you seal the deal with marriage.


Like a perfect date prespect, the client is aware of your brand, then they check you out on social media. You offer something for free in exchange for their email so that you can take your relationship to the next level.


The offer must be useful, helpful and powerful. Do NOT be able afraid to give your best stuff away. If whatever you are giving for free, your paid stuff must be amazing, people will naturally think your paid will be even better!


In those emails, go deeper into your relationship by offer more tips, trick and hack letting them realize why YOU have the answer to their questions.


You can also invite them to an event, hang out in your Facebook group, join a webinar, buy a product, etc.


All too often businesses and entrepreneurs start with the brand awareness phase and then try to figure out what to do with their followers.


People then get bored and move on by the time you figure it out.


Here is what you can do instead.

1 -Get clear on your brand foundation.

    1. What problem do you solve?
    2. How is your brand unique and different from your competitor? (Hint - YOU!)
    3. Who do you solve the problem for?


2. What is your offer?

Before you say "I offer several services, packages, products, etc., what is the ONE thing that you are offering that you would like them to buy, first? Or what is the one thing you are promoting at the time?

3. What is your marketing plan?

Create a plan on HOW you are going to let people know that your brand exists. Then, what will you do after you have created the know, like, and trust factor?

How will you create your brand awareness?

  • Youtube
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram
  • Collaboration
  • Start a podcast
  • Be guest on someone else's podcast
  • Start Blogging
  • Write a book or join a book collaboration
  • Be a part of a summit

The options are endless.


I would love to know what stage you are working on in your branding and marketing plan.


Please feel free to come over to my FREE group, Stepping Into Success with #JenRyanSaid where I do weekly training and answer questions, and hang out with an amazing community of like-minded who are building a brand so that they can attract their ideal client.


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