Why I Get Excited To See People Leave My Group

So today I am gearing up for a free 5 day workshop and I am doing the norm, ya know... writing email funnels, creating Facebook event pages, posting everywhere, etc.

One of the places that I reach out to people who follow me is my meetup.com group, where I have over 1000 members.

Every time I do an email blast to my list there, I get notification that someone has left the group. 

I get so excited because a part of your marketing is not only attracting the ideal client, it is also repelling the wrong people.

There is only one thing worst than getting no clients, and that's working with the wrong clients.

Why you ask!

I mean money coming in is a good thing, right?

And yes, of course. However, too many of the wrong clients can be energy sucking and time consuming. When we are not enjoying what we do because we are not happy in our work, it can create a feeling resentment for our business.

It is extremely hard to be inspired and creative when you are coming from a place of suck negative energy.

Truth bomb coming...I used to get to upset and take the personal when someone would unfollow me or leave one of my social media group.

I create stories in my head about why this people left me! Not what I was selling.

Not ever taking into consideration why the other 1000 plus stayed in this group. I was just in my head why someone wouldn't want to attend a workshop or a program that I was facilitating.

So I want to share a secret with you.Well it's not that big of a secret. As a matter of fact, it's more of a mindset shift.

You want to get so exact with the problem that you solve and who you solve it for so that when someone sees what your product or service is they can either say "OMG how did you know that is what I needed" or "No thank you, that isn't for me."!

Let your marketing and branding do that work for you so that you can stop taking everything so personal and concentrate on the people do serve with your product or service.

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