5 Compelling Ways To Use "Common Knowledge" Look Originally Your Ideal

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

I used to tell myself that there was nothing original to say so I didn't show up. The problem, no one found me.

Do you sometimes feel like it's all been said before? So why bother showing up? Trust me, I get it! But that thinking will never attract your ideal client.

I am not down playing that sitting down and finding new ways to say the same thing that everyone else is saying can not only leave you feeling like an imposture, but it can feel like there is nothing unique about YOU.

Well I have 5 quick tips that will help you not only plan out your content for the week, but it will help you connect with your ideal client.

1 - Write down the most basic ideal or concept that you are creating content for, no matter how many people have said the exact same thing. Then come up with as many different ways that you can say the same thing.

Example: You make your bed, now lay in it.

  1. You burn your ass, you sit on the blister (my fathers favorite saying)
  2. You created this mess, now you clean it up.
  3. You will pay the price for the decision you make.
  4. You made a decision and now you must accept its consequences.
  5. How you make your bed is how you sleep in it.
  6. You messed up your bed, now you've got to make it again.

Now there are 7 different ways to say the exact same thing. They are all in different tone and have different personalities.  Besides my fathers, I am sure you have heard them all and never thought twice about it.

2 - Come up with your own unique experience to drive the point. Sharing your stories will help you show case how your brand is unique.

Remember, if you are telling your own personal story there is no way that you can possible be sharing someone else's content.

3 - When taking notes while in learning mode, do NOT copy word for word. Only write down bullet points.

By looking back at your notes for inspiration to create content, you are force to share using your own voice.

This blog post is a perfect example. I have not ideal who I got these ideas from, or how that person delivered the information. I am just sharing what is write in an old notebook.

4 - Make sure it feel like you.

Read what you have written out loud and if doesn't sound like something you would say to a client, friend or at a networking event, then go back and just make it more authentically yours.

5 - Stop worrying about what other people think. If you need to delete people off your social media page because you are concerned about what others will think then delete.

Those people that you are worrying about what they say, think and feel about you and do not support you, most likely are not going to be your paying clients so remove them from your professional pages.

So ask you, which one of these do you need to focus on?

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