3 Things That Will Help You Design Your Personal Brand

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

I often get asked "how do I stand out as a personal brand in a sea of professionals that do the exact same thing I do?".

If you ever feel like you are struggling to stand out than this might help you break it down into 3 simple areas to focus your attention on to get started.

Now, there are many moving parts to building and brand and marketing your brand, however  this is a great place to start or even reevaluate where you are in your business as it relate to your branding.

1 - Know your WHY. Your why is not matters, it is the heart of your brand. Your why is the number one thing that you need to maintain connection with when building your personal brand.

Every piece of content should be able to directly be connected to your WHY. If it doesn't, it shouldn't be out there with your brand attached to it.

Especially when building a personal brand, YOU are at the heart of your brand. It is your voice, your tone and your intention behind your brand.

So when building your brand, understand why you are creating your brand.

2. - Have a plan of HOW you will build your brand. This is where you get to embrace what makes you unique. YOU are how your brand will start out because no one else has your back story and experience. That is part of what make you unique. 

So how you do it is add value. How you add value is consume and learn, then consume and learn some more. After you have consumed and learned, it is then that you share what you have learned from your point of view.

Don't over think it. A good teacher isn't teaching their students something that is necessarily new, they are showing up and sharing information that helps the learner learn. A good teacher is more concerned by the student learning than if the teacher is liked.

3. - Go deep not wide. Create dialog that is meaningful with people. Concentrate on building relationship and added value on a granular level.

Be the leader you wished you had. Don't be someone who want just to be seen by others as a influencer and that is unapproachable.

Instead, be a resource to your ideal client. If you do the right thing, the money will follow.

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