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Clarity On Your Brand Foundation

You must have a clear vision of your personal brand. Get crystal clear on the problem you solve and who you solve it for.

Discover your brand how to identify your brands unique position to stand out and attract your ideal clientele.


Create Your Signature Offer & Sales Funnel

Your marketing funnel is a representation of the journey your prospective customers take from the moment they find out about you to the every interaction they make with your brand at every state from awareness to handing you their credit card.

Create Your Brand Awareness Strategy

Creating strategies for your marketing and brand awareness to optimized your traffic is key.

You want your marketing and sales funnel to work for you, so that you can spend more time with your ideal clients and enjoying the fruits of your labor...WITHOUT STRESS worrying about where your next clients are coming from.

Journey To Success Academy -IS FOR YOU If you are ready to stand out and create a brand that sets you apart from your competition

Even if your market is at peak saturation, you are seasoned in your profession or just starting out, this is for you because YOU are what makes your brand unique! We will guide you so you can differentiate yourself to build a strategy capable of attracting your ideal high-end clients, straight into your business while having real consistency and growth in your business

Frequently Asked Questions

If you join the monthly plan, your membership will give you one module every month in addition to the monthly trainings & Q&As. If you join the annual membership, you will get immediate access to everything inside, including 12 months worth of trainings & Live Q&As. Plus all the bonuses mentioned above

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As long as you stay a member, you keep that fee even when the fee increases for newer members.

This is for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow the business they've always dreamed of and ready to attract their ideal clients and make the money they deserve. It's excellent for:

Salon Professional (Salon Owners, Stylist, Esthetician, etc)                            Interior Designer and Decorators 
Course Creators
Product Based Businesses                Sales Consultants
Anyone who's paycheck is determine by their results. AKA, anyone who is building a clientele.

Absolutely. There are zero obligations associated with your membership.

I’m confidence that the support ad value given in the community will keep you coming back for more, but you can cancel if you wish to anytime.

Because we believe this program is absolutely valuable and packed with amazing content available to you the moment you join, we do not offer any refunds.

PLEASE NOTE: Your account cannot be put on hold. Additionally, if you do cancel and decide to re-join at a later date, you are not guaranteed the price available today.

Your first charge will occur when you sign-up, and you will then be automatically billed on a regular monthly (or annual) interval based on your selected plan starting from the date you sign-up.


This Is The Road Map You Have Been Looking For!

Don't try to do it alone! Journey To Success Academy is packed full of modules which include videos, workbooks, all ready for you in addition to monthly membership with live trainings and coaching from Jen Ryan every month! This your step by step roadmap to creating your brand and marketing message and everything you. AND need inside this VIP community you can ask questions, get amazing support, network and collaborate with like minded people and so much more!

"Ever since I started working with Jen Ryan and implementing the Gaining Clarity program into my business, I have gained a much clearer picture of my ideal client and have set and reached goals several times over. Her constant support of me continuously executing the systems I have learned here have allowed my business to flourish. This program is truly invaluable! "

Sarah M.
Salon & Spa Owner

"When I started my business I was working hard and seeing results, but couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. Deep down I was afraid of success, of putting myself out there, and was riddled with self-doubt and procrastination. I didn't know I even needed a coach, but when I met Jen, I felt instantly connected. She heard me. Since I started working with her my business has grown. But, more importantly, Jen has helped me look at every decision, every system, and every step of my business in a strategic way so that it becomes a viable company with integrity, mission and focus. Now, I am confident. I stand up for myself. I have stronger communication skills and and am unafraid to express myself. I am eternally grateful for the presence she has in my life. Whenever I finish up a meeting with Jen, I have a sense of relief. She holds me accountable for what I say and has taught me to be specific about what I want. Jen Ryan has changed my outlook on my business and personal life and I am a different person, a better person, because of her. "

Christine N.
Interior Designer | Walpole, MA

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