Journey To Success Academy


With the monthly membership, you access one module a month for each month that you’re enrolled until all 12 modules are received. Then you can maintain access as long as you maintain your membership.


-A BRAND NEW module to download each month.

-Recorded Video with PDF workbook

- Access to an amazing support system 24/7

- Weekly Q & A with Jen Ryan via Facebook

Also Included:

BONUS of 1 Weekly Module for the next 4 weeks with Zoom meetings for support starting April 8.

  • Week 1- Gaining Clarity on Brand
  • Week 2 - Social Media Bio With A Purpose
  • Week 3 - Social Media Content Calendar
  • Week 4 - SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST (Hint, she is a PR EXPERT) 

Journey To Success Academy

Let's start this journey NOW! Use this time wisely. It is the time to work ON your business, while you can't work IN your business. CLARITY, BRANDING AND PROFITABLE SYSTEMS are the 3 pillars to creating a thriving business.


You must have a clear vision of your personal goals and your business goals before you can know how to move forward. Success isn't just making a lot of money: it's about living in full alignment.

Core Values + Beliefs + Goals = Success


Branding and marketing is about attracting your IDEAL DREAM CLIENTS. 

Your brand tells a story about who you are and who you are marketing to. Branding is about how people feel when they interact with you, your products, and services. Branding is then what they say about you.

Profitable System

In order to be profitable, you must maximize your time and energy. Let's create systems that maximize your potential and allows you to create a scalable business.

I want to help you build the business you love and life you desire.

Journey To Success Academy

There has never been a more perfect time to build the business of your dreams. Besides the monthly modules, amazing supportive community, 4 Bonus modules, and mentoring from Jen Ryan...You can get all of this NOW for only $24 a month.

"Ever since I started working with Jen Ryan and implementing the Gaining Clarity program into my business, I have gained a much clearer picture of my ideal client and have set and reached goals several times over. Her constant support of me continuously executing the systems I have learned here have allowed my business to flourish. This program is truly invaluable! "

Sarah M.
Salon & Spa Owner

"When I started my business I was working hard and seeing results, but couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. Deep down I was afraid of success, of putting myself out there, and was riddled with self-doubt and procrastination. I didn't know I even needed a coach, but when I met Jen, I felt instantly connected. She heard me. Since I started working with her my business has grown. But, more importantly, Jen has helped me look at every decision, every system, and every step of my business in a strategic way so that it becomes a viable company with integrity, mission and focus. Now, I am confident. I stand up for myself. I have stronger communication skills and and am unafraid to express myself. I am eternally grateful for the presence she has in my life. Whenever I finish up a meeting with Jen, I have a sense of relief. She holds me accountable for what I say and has taught me to be specific about what I want. Jen Ryan has changed my outlook on my business and personal life and I am a different person, a better person, because of her. "

Christine N.
Interior Designer | Walpole, MA

Journey To Success Academy


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